We have a wide and varied selection of food and we will endeavour to provide your cat with its usual brand and type of food, however we do not stock every variant of every brand. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your cat's requirements or any special dietary needs (especially veterinary). We aim to maintain their usual feeding routine. Fresh water is always available.


To maintain the health of all our residents, cats must be immunised against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. A copy of your current vaccination certificate will be made on arrival; this copy will be kept on record and should be updated as new vaccinations are given.
Mature cats need to be neutered or spayed; unneutered males cannot be accommodated if older than seven months.
If we think that your cat appears to be unwell, we will contact your Vet; in an emergency we would consult our local Vet. We also ask that cats coming into the cattery are up to date with their flea and worming program.
We are happy to administer flea or worming treatment for a small charge if needed during their holiday.
Current medication, tablets, injections etc, can be administered according to your written instructions. All medications must be in their original packaging.


We are happy for you to help settle your cat into its chalet. This gives us the opportunity to meet our feline guests and discuss any individual likes or dislikes concerning handling or grooming.
You are very welcome to bring bedding for your cats, i.e. something they are used to and with their smell on, or something of yours that they are familiar with. However, if your cat does not have any bedding we are able to supply a suitable bed. You are also welcome to bring their scratch post although one will be available if you prefer not to.
We have a power socket available for a heat pad or water fountain if you wish to supply them for your cat. (Although, all chalets are well heated when chilly and fresh water is supplied.)
We want to make your cat’s holiday at our cattery comfortable and without stress.