Please understand that we are not a rehoming centre but if any of our customers need assistance in finding a new home for a cat, we will gladly assist. We are licensed as a cattery not a rehoming centre. 


This is beautiful Luna.

Luna is 8 months old and needs to find a new home because she is a little bit too lively for her much older sister! She needs a home where she has  an appropriate feline companion, or respectful children, to share her love of playing. She is very friendly and has a lovely temperament.

Luna is vaccinated, chipped and neutered.


We are sometimes asked if we can take cats into the cattery or just find a new home for cats that urgently need a secure and loving place to stay therefore we may be aware of cats who need new homes. These feline friends are often in need of new parents due to no fault of their own; a change in circumstances at home often means that a cat who has previously lived in a puurrrfectly happy home environment needs to quickly find a new family. Some have previously visited us here, which means they are neutered and vaccinated, whilst other requests are from people who have found a cat or who are concerned for the health and well being of a stray visitor to their garden.

If you are thinking of having another family member, please keep an eye on our web site for postings and get in contact so we can let you know if we hear about a suitable cat needing your love and affection.


When a cat comes to live with you, you have taken on a commitment to look after him or her. Committing to care for an animal should be a considered decision, never taken on a whim. Your cat might live for 15 or 20 years and thoughout those years will rely on you to look after it's welfare.

Please do not buy a cat, adopt a rescue cat instead.  
If you are looking for a new companion or two you could try the following rescue centres. Not all their residents will make it to the websites immediately so with a phone call or a visit you might just meet who you're looking for.